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Lovat Fields Village

9th May 2016

Dear all

Re: Recognition of one of our own!

Last year it was Georgina, this year it’s Mary Cooper – Liz Taylor award winners. Well done Mary, this is just recognition for all the work you (and Barry) do for the village. I’m sure I’m speaking for us all in saying thank you

Talking of volunteers, another one of our stalwarts, David Freeman has put Colin in touch with a chap arranging the MK Diversity event who is looking for volunteers to be interviewed, by groups of young people (12-13 year olds) about what bought them to live/work in MK, how they’ve seen it develop and that sort of thing. It’s on the morning of 25 May (8.45am to 1pm) and refreshments (inc. Lunch) will be provided. Let Colin know if you’re interested

Talking of MK and its development – Jim Leaf has found a really interesting article which I’ve pinned on my board

And on a completely different note, Barbara Albone has helped me set up a scooter training session on 22nd June at 10am(back of the Redwood) – all welcome. It should be a really useful refresher and I will be using it to support risk assessments for scooter users

Finally (1) please, please, please don’t leave pink bags in bin stores. If you need some help getting them to recycling, please just let me know.

Finally (2) if you use the cages please return them to the Winter Garden ASAP

That’s it for now – have a good week all