Did you move into Lovat Fields after February 2012?   Are you over 60?  If so you are warmly invited to join the Aston research project into Healthy Ageing.   Aston University is examining the long term benefits of moving into an ExtraCare Village, compared with volunteers who live elsewhere.

What does it involve?   a 2 1/2 hour assessment of well-being, independence, health, memory and cognition (with as many breaks as you like).

What are the Benefits for you?   you will find out your health status on a variety of measures (eg blood glucose level, cholesterol level, blood pressure, Body Mass Index, cognitive ability, mental well-being).   You may get the opportunity to see how these measures change over time.

How do I get involved?   Register with Margaret Mason (076) our Wellbeing Advisor who will pass your details on, or contact Stuart Wallis of the Aston Research Team direct on 0121 204 5171 or email him at wallis2@aston.ac.uk.

If you have any questions get in touch with Margaret or Stuart