Reminders for Tuesday

STREET MEETING today.Hawthorn Hall at 4.30pm. Come and give your support to what is happening in YOUR Village.


Trader today KAREEN’S SLIPPERS will be on sale in the Street today.


The ticket office – in the Street – will be open today for a couple of hours from 11am. Booking for Buddy Holly Tribute @ £6 per ticket. Residents and “Friends of Lovat Fields” welcome.


R.C. WORD and COMMUNION: Every Tuesday at 2-30pm in the Redwood Suite. If you cannot attend the Tuesday afternoon service, Holy Communion can be brought to your apartment on Tuesday morning. Contact Elizabeth [130]


The Restaurant menu for FRIDAY Fish ‘n Chip night is now available on the website. Go To: Restaurant 2 and select Fri 28th Oct

[6 ]

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