Dear Residents of Willen Park South:

I attended the Council’s Broadband meeting on Thursday evening, on behalf of you all, and I am delighted to have various items of good news for you all. Please share this with anyone who isn’t on my email list (and if anyone else wants to get these occasional local news emails from me, just drop me an email).

For Lovat Fields residents:

BT/Openreach has decided that if it can get a superfast broadband fibre to Lovat Fields, you all have phone lines into your apartments that could be used to get the superfast broadband into individual apartments (for those that want more internet speed). This solution would be hugely easier than anything else suggested previously. There is still some technical investigation to be done, but if all goes well, a service could potentially be installed at some point in 2017.

For Sakura/Gyosei residents (in HOUSES):

Openreach promised to have all the fibres plugged in and working at some point on Friday or over the weekend, and I hear that some of you have already been able to place your order for superfast FTTP (Fibre to the premises) broadband.  I’m pleased to have helped make this happen, and I hope you enjoy the faster broadband. I should perhaps add, not all internet companies are willing to install FTTP, so you may want to get quotes from multiple companies, and perhaps consider switching from one supplier to another.

For Sakura/Gyosei residents (in APARTMENTS):

For those of you wanting superfast broadband in an apartment, the fibre is now in your street and working, and BT/Openreach needs permission from your management company to install an electronic device that distributes the signal to the individual apartments. There is no charge to customers or to the management company for this. The Management Company just has to give permission. So whether you want superfast broadband straight away or not, can I ask you, please lobby your management company (Chamonix) to give permission for this device to be installed in every apartment block. I understand Chamonix has sent out a consultation to some occupants and some owners – if you’ve had one of these, it’s without obligation, so please, write back and say yes!!