Could all people with the Sentimoto app check a particular setting? It allows us to receive raw data (only over wifi so it doesn’t consume any credit) and is really necessary for any data analysis!
To check if the setting in question is enabled, please follow these instructions:
1. Open the My Kin application
2. Press on the round picture under your name (if you don’t have a picture of yourself it should just be a white profile on a grey background)
3. Now you should be on the “edit profile screen”, slide down to the two tick boxes, and make sure that “send anonymised raw sensors and app usage data to Sentimoto” is ticked, if it’s not please check the box by clicking it. If it is, just press on the back arrow at the top left and you’re all done.
4. Click on save at the end of the screen.
All done, thank you very much!
If you have any issues please just email me and I’ll try to answer as quickly as possible!