5th July

All residents and staff

Lovat Fields Village

4th July 2017

Dear all

Re: how to be involved

We had a meeting of the Care Focus Group recently (always a lively and useful debate) where we discussed membership and I agreed to issue an invite to you all to join. You do not need to be in receipt of care, just interested or knowledgeable, and willing to be involved to help us retain our outstanding rating (even improve on it next time!). The next meeting will be at 2:30pm on Wednesday 2nd August in the Redwood, you are all welcome to join us

Other interest groups are available…. The Food Interest Group, Gardening Club etc. are usually advertised and the RA Finance sub could do with a finance expert to step into the rather large gap left by Peter Hartley, if anyone is interested, please contact Jan. (I’m going to do a Warbler editor’s note on Jan’s behalf – she says get involved!)

We are looking at meeting with Gleeds and the architect on 13th July (probably afternoon). I have had lots of interest but as we need to keep it tight and manageable can I ask all of you interested in being part of the Refurb interest group let me know in writing, with your reasons for wanting to participate

And finally, I have sent to link to the corporate plan to green dots already, anyone else interested can use this link or find hard copies on my board, or printed on request


That’s all for now, have a good week all